Fargo-Moorhead and RRV Digital Repeaters

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  • 145.150- W0JPJ (DMR)
  • 147.090+ W0HSC (Fusion)
    • Linked to CQ-NODAK room on Wires-X
  • 442.500+ W0JPJ (Fusion)
    • Linked full time to The DARC Room on Wires-X
  • 443.400+ K0RQ (Fusion/D-STAR/DMR)
  • 444.000+ KD0SWQ (D-STAR)
    • Linked to Reflector 53A
  • 444.625+ KD0IOE (DMR)
    • See more information on available talkgroups and codeplugs

Red River Valley:

  • Grand Forks, ND: 147.330+ N0LAC (Fusion)
    • Linked to CQ-NODAK room on Wires-X
  • Wahpeton, ND: 443.800+ W0END (Fusion)
    • Linked to CQ-NODAK room on Wires-X
  • Karlstad, MN: 146.655- KB0ISW (Fusion)
    • Linked to The DARC Room
  • Bemidji: 147.180+ W0BJI (Fusion)

Rooms/Reflectors/Talkgroups Fargo and RRV hams typically connect on:

  • CQ-NODAK (Fusion): This room is hosted by North Dakota State University, and is linked to several rural North Dakota repeaters via IRLP reflector 9366, Allstar Node 49493, and Echolink Node 52136. Also available on YSF Reflector 62208.
  • MINWIS (Fusion): Hosted by the Bakken Amateur Radio Society in Ham Lake, MN, and typically linked to 20+ repeaters in Minneapolis and greater Minnesota.
  • THE DARC ROOM (Fusion): Hosted by the Digital Amateur Radio Club in Little Falls, MN and is typically linked to 20+ repeaters in North, Central, and Southern Minnesota. Also bridged to FCS 004-29.
  • Reflector 53A (D-STAR): Most D-STAR repeaters in Minnesota are linked to this reflector, including several in Minneapolis.
  • Talkgroup 3138 (DMR): North Dakota Statewide
  • Talkgroup 3127 (DMR): Minnesota Statewide
  • Talkgroup 31273 (DMR): Northstar (North Dakota and Northern Minnesota)