K0RQ operating Field Day 2015.
Me operating club station WØILO on Field Day in 2015. Photo by Brian Fedje NØGFK.

I first became licensed as a technician in September 2012 as KDØTGA. I upgraded to General in November 2012, and to Extra in March 2013. In February 2019 I was granted my current callsign, KØRQ.


I have collected way too many radios… although you could argue there is no such thing. See my complete list.


On occasion I will have APRS running in my truck. Look for me as KØRQ-9.

I have two APRS digipeaters as well. KØRQ-1 operates atop a 120ft tower in South Fargo with a Comet GP9 Antenna and covers a 25 mile radius. KØRQ-2 operates from a site just east of Detroit Lakes, MN with a Comet GP3 antenna and covers a 10 mile radius.


The main reason I developed this site was to split off the ham radio projects from my main website, which are the bulk of my shenanigans. I can say with confidence I am usually up to no good. My personal website will keep some of its ham radio content, but will mainly consist of personal and broadcast topics of interest.

I have a Hamshack Hotline extension in my shack, reach me at 4681.