K0RQ MMDVM Repeater

Introducing North Dakota’s first Tri-Mode Repeater. On 443.400+ MHz, the K0RQ repeater is capable of doing D-STAR, DMR, and C4FM. This repeater is not only designed to be experimental for me, but experimental for all users so jump on, make a QSO, and a learn from a mistake or two.

This repeater is located centrally in South Fargo not too far from West Acres mall, and should have great coverage to all of the Fargo-Moorhead metro area.

Repeater Info
Location Fargo, ND
Frequency 443.400+ CC1
Location Fargo, ND
TX Radio Motorola Radius CM200
RX Radio Motorola Radius GM300
Power 30W
Antenna Comet GP9
HAAT 120ft
Raspberry Pi 4 with STM32-DVM add-on board
Dashboard rpt.k0rq.com

Using the K0RQ Repeater

While the repeater is capable of doing D-STAR, DMR, and C4FM/Fusion, it can only do one mode at a time and is first come first served. If someone is using D-STAR and someone else wants to change modes the user will need to wait. This is why you may see your radio light up with activity, but not receive any audio. When the previous QSO is finished, simply wait 20-30 seconds and then key up in the desired mode. When in doubt, visit the dashboard to see the status of the repeater.

Users are welcome to change rooms/reflectors on the repeater, as long as they are actively using them. Please remember to return to the repeater to the way you found it when finished.


UR: CQCQCQ or reflector of choice
RPT1: KØRQ<space><space><space>B
RPT2:KØRQ<space><space><space> G
MY: (your callsign)

D-STAR is not statically linked, so feel free to link to any room you’d like to use

DMR (Brandmeister):

Timeslot 1: Configured for Static Talkgroups

  • Red River Digital – 2
    • Brandmeister Cluster with KD0IOE
  • North Dakota – 3138

Timeslot 2: Configured for Dynamic Talkgroups – Simply key up to activate a talkgroup


In C4FM Mode, this repeater is capable of linking into FCS and YSF reflectors. The repeater CANNOT link into WIRES-X rooms. Learn more about the difference between FCS/YSF and WIRES-X. By default it is linked to YSF #38469 (Rural MN 707). This particular reflector is bridged into DMR TGIF Talkgroup 707.

While the repeater will accept WIRES-X commands to change reflectors, this can (at least on FCS) produce less than expected results. Your best bet is to make your reflector change, then immediately exit WIRES-X mode. Additionally, you can contact me and I can make a reflector change for you.